It’s impossible to pull a great shot of espresso without a fantastic grinder—that’s why La Marzocco USA has always featured a lineup of high-performance grinders in our offerings. With the addition of premium grinders from Mahlkönig to our catalog, we’re now more prepared than ever to help every cafe find a grinding solution that works for them—including the new Sync System.

The First Grind-by-Sync Espresso Grinder

The Sync System pairs Mahlkönig’s new E80W Grind-by-Sync Connected Espresso Grinder with many of La Marzocco’s espresso machines. By creating a connected espresso machine infrastructure, La Marzocco has opened up near infinite possibilities for new functionality, making the Sync System possible. The cornerstone of the Sync System is an electronically controlled burr set that adjusts how coarse and fine the burrs are set to grind. When paired with a La Marzocco espresso machine, the barista can input a desired coffee dose weight, target weight or volume, and extraction time, and the system will automatically adjust the burrs to the appropriate grind setting based on feedback from the last shot pulled. To make it even easier, these settings can be changed via an app for quick adjustments.

Grind-by-Weight Espresso Grinders

Along with the new E80W Grind-by-Sync, La Marzocco USA will also offer the standard E80S Grind-by-Weight (GbW) and the E65S GbW. These grinders have a load cell built into their portafilter cradle that allows the grinder to weigh the amount of coffee as it is ground, similar to how La Marzocco’s drip tray scales work. With an easy-to-program interface, the grind-by-weight options allow the user to dose the exact amount of coffee they want directly into the filter basket. 

These new offerings will join our existing catalog of grinders, like the La Marzocco Swift, and a full bevy of Mazzer grinders, including the Kold S, Robur S, and Super Jolly V Pro. The full grinder lineup now allows cafe owners to custom select the attributes that best fit their needs, whether it’s precision and speed, power and consistency, or ease of use and design. 

Multi-Purpose Filter & Espresso Grinders 

The addition of the EK43 and EK Omnia also bolsters La Marzocco’s multi-purpose grinder lineup, which previously only included the Mazzer ZM Filter Grinder. All three of these grinders are well known for their precision and deliver incredible performance for filter brewing as well as espresso. 

It’s an exciting time for new grinder technology, and embracing more options in our lineup means that La Marzocco is more prepared than ever to provide the right grinding solution for every single cafe, no matter what their needs may be.