This year at SCAA we want to offer guests the opportunity to not only watch coffee being made, but to learn how to craft delicious espresso beverages themselves. The GS/3 Experience, located at the Skybridge Café outside the entrance to the USBC, empowers attendees to make their own espresso drinks on La Marzocco GS/3 machines under the guidance of professional baristas.

At La Marzocco we are always looking for opportunities to educate the public about what makes specialty coffee so different and delicious. Providing a hands on coffee experience will give the public more reasons to come to the SCAA show and learn what specialty coffee is all about.

If people are going to be learning how to make espresso, we want to make sure that the experience is beautiful. So we teamed up with Jacob Ellul-Blake, founder of Pantechnicon, and former La Marzocco engineer, who has built custom machines for Stumptown and Whole Foods, to create four customized GS/3s that epitomize the style that makes the coffee making ritual so rich. Jacob explains, “The espresso machine is a focal point in the coffee experience, and it can play a big role in telling your story and the story of the coffee you serve.” New glass panels, wood portafilter handles and all black body panels are a just a few details that will help us tell the specialty coffee story at The GS/3 Experience

Come visit us and bring that friend that you’ve always wanted to share your love of coffee with and we’ll help them pour their first latte art heart.