La Marzocco USA is so pleased to again be sponsoring MANE – the Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference in Providence, Rhode Island September 27th-29thNew Harvest Coffee has done a tremendous job curating and organizing this educational and professional development event.

La Marzocco USA will have plenty of equipment on hand for attendees – including the Linea PB . Also keep an eye out for Marco water boilers.

We’re so pleased that David Walsh, head of R&D for Marco, will be traveling from Dublin to present at the event. His talk is: “A discussion regarding energy efficiency and sustainability from an equipment manufacturers’ viewpoint. What is true energy efficiency, what is marketing spin, and what are the myths and falsehoods associated with this topic. Why should the coffee industry care?”

In addition, Enrico Wurm, after-sales manager for La Marzocco Srl, is traveling from our factory in Florence to share a talk about the evolution of espresso machine technology, La Marzocco’s role in this evolution, and to share more about what it takes to develop and assemble espresso machines.

Ryan Willbur, Coffee & Education Coordinator at La Marzocco USA will also be on hand showcasing alternate brewing methods with our electronic paddle technology.

The event is sold out, but we hope to see many of you there.