The release of the Linea PB is just a few days away! Be sure to join us in Boston for the SCAA Expo at booth 518 to see the Linea PB firsthand. Kent Bakke will be making a special presentation of the Linea PB on Friday April 12th at 2pm Eastern.

In advance of the big reveal, we wanted to give you another sneak peak at some of the features you’ll see on the Linea PB. Last week we shared some information on the electronics that power the Linea PB AV and a dynamic measurement that will give baristas more insight into the extraction process: the flowmeter pulse.

This week we want to tell you a bit about the barista interface features of the Linea PB. We’re introducing a number of new features that draw on technology advances over the last 25 years, as well as input we’ve heard from our customers over time. Take a look:

  • Buttons: the Linea PB buttons are silicone membrane actuators capped by mirror-finished button caps, backlit with LED lights. A broad button cap ensures that the barista can engage the group at an arm’s length. The button pad has four points of engagement, ensuring that the group is activated regardless of where the barista touches the button.  When touched, the button offers satisfying, tactile feedback, ensuring the barista knows the button has engaged, even if she is not looking directly at the button.


  • Barista Lights: LED Barista lights are included standard on the Linea PB, making for a well-lit work area so the barista can monitor the progress of their coffee as it extracts and changes color.
  • Steam Valve: The newly designed Linea PB steam valve opens in a half turn, making it easier to use, and putting less strain on the barista over time. A unique diamond-shaped knob allows for ergonomic rolling action. The valve is unique to the Linea PB, but the rebuild kit is compatible with the GB/5.


  • Drain Tray: The Linea PB features a larger drain tray. The workspace below the group heads is increased by 32% over the Linea Classic. In addition, the tray itself has been changed to be more like the tray of the La Marzocco Strada – with fewer sharp edges that will make it safer for the barista to handle and clean the tray.

We’re excited to show you all of the new features of the Linea PB in just a few days. For those of you who are not able to join us, be sure to check after 4pm Eastern on April 12th to see a video of Kent’s presentation of the Linea PB at SCAA. And check back here on launch day to see photos of the machine and learn more!