Piero Bambi is the son of Giuseppi Bambi, who along with Piero’s uncle Bruno, started La Marzocco in 1927. Piero just turned 79 years old on Monday, and continues to comes to work every day, at the La Marzocco Factory in Italy.

In his writing below, Piero reflects on La Marzocco’s journey, and toasts to a successful future.

When we moved to La Torre [the new factory location] in September 2009, the economic crisis had hit the entire western world. Indeed, it is still in act.

At that time, I don’t think any one of us could have imagined the growth in espresso machine production, much less achieving so much success in only three years.

On occasion of the holiday lunch late last month, I was not prepared to share my own satisfaction and joy for having managed, together with all the departments at the factory, as well as with our network of distributors, to make the name “La Marzocco” great.

In reality, the presence of some of the retired employees, who gladly accepted the invitation to take part in the holiday lunch, brought back to mind so many memories that were literally spinning around in my mind. That made me even more confused and excited. My thoughts, in addition to my father, my uncle Bruno and my brother Vinicio, were dedicated to all those employees who, at the conclusion of World War II, contributed to the revival of La Marzocco, especially since it was not possible to show the “gratitude” that my father and my uncle would have wanted.

I would like to include among those ex-employees, my cousins Franca and Anna, and her husband Ettore Toscani, who, together with Pina Cucciniello and Remo Bernocchi, worked in the accounting and warehouse departments and performed a variety of tasks, including the management of clients and suppliers.

I also remember with particular affection and emotion:

Gamannossi Tarquinio – Bellesi Danilo – Braccini Giuliano – Righi Arnaldo – Francesco Benedetti – Megoni Franco – Bruschini Vasco – Braschi Piero – Lapucci Ilio – Marliani – Allegranti – Pieri Egidio.

I also remember, but more vaguely as they worked with my father and my uncle before World War II, a certain Mario, Fernando, Pietro, and a salesman named Tesi.

It is thanks to ALL of these people that “LA MARZOCCO” has embarked on its future highway, or “Strada”.

Greetings to all for a successful future, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Piero Bambi.”