We are excited to debut the Linea Classic S, the latest edition of La Marzocco’s most iconic espresso machine. The Linea has been on cafe counters for over 30 years, making countless drinks, inspiring new careers, and transforming the coffee industry along the way. With the Linea Classic S, we’re bringing the Linea legacy into the decades to come.   

It was important for us that the Classic remain a classic. To that end, we focused on upgrading a few things to improve performance while keeping lots of things the same. 

What’s more, this update is not the first time we’ve made changes to this machine. We’ve quietly replaced parts, updated technology, and enhanced reliability numerous times over the Linea’s 30 year history. This time, we looked at the Linea with fresh eyes. We wanted to reintroduce the machine that has, for three decades and counting, supported the dreams of entrepreneurs who have revolutionized the coffee industry. The result is the Linea Classic S, engineered to provide the performance and dependability necessary to meet the demands of the next generation dreams of coffee entrepreneurs.

The Linea’s legacy is built on its durable construction, consistent performance, and user-friendly approachability for baristas and technicians alike. It is this part—all the ways people have used the Linea and all the ways the Linea has served people—that make it a classic.   

It’s not uncommon to hear coffee professionals tell stories of their beginnings as part-time baristas working behind a Linea. There’s something wonderful about the art of transforming roasted coffee beans into daily comfort drinks that can inspire someone to pursue a profession in coffee. 

Many a curious tinkerer has taken off the panels on the Linea and found themselves in careers as technicians and engineers. Even now, there is still something magical about how the right combination of water, power, and pressure can produce a beautifully rich shot of espresso.   

Much of the Linea’s classic status comes from the entrepreneurs and cafe owners who put it on their bars, who depended on it day in and day out to support their businesses. In high speed, high volume cafes, and in specialized coffee boutiques, they tested and proved the Linea, giving it the reputation for value, reliability, and familiarity.   

Indeed, the Linea became familiar. In the early 90s, when Starbucks revolutionized how we enjoy coffee, Linea Classics were on those counters.  As customers lounged to socialize or work or take five, the Linea’s clean lines and stainless steel became the recognizable engine that kept the hum of cafes going. When former baristas who learned to brew on Lineas began roasting coffee and opening shops across the nation, many turned to the classic they knew they could depend on. Year after year, new generations of coffee professionals and entrepreneurs trusted the Linea as their machine of choice, a constant that would weather the waves of changing coffee culture. Over three decades in, the Linea is still here, brewing shot after shot, steaming pitcher upon pitcher of milk, doing what it was made to do.   

With the Linea Classic S, La Marzocco honors this rich history by incorporating customer feedback and making changes to improve the user experience. For baristas, we upgraded the interface, making it more intuitive to operate. For techs, we improved some of the engineering, extending the life cycle of certain parts and making it easier to perform maintenance and repairs. And for cafe owners, we made sure value and durability remained the hallmarks for the Linea Classic S because we know just how much these mean when striking out on new coffee ventures.   

Part of the Linea’s legacy is supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that has continually pushed the coffee industry in exciting new directions. One reason La Marzocco builds espresso machines for reliability and longevity is to provide something you can count on, freeing you up to focus on the other elements of running your coffee business. The Linea Classic S is here for new risks, for coffee entrepreneurs who have dreams to change the industry, and for those who want to create their own legacies.   

For technical info about the Linea Classic S, visit the machine product page.   

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