The Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Coffee Conference (MANE) will kick off in a little over two weeks! We are so excited to be a part of this educational weekend.

MANE is a coffee conference including lectures, hands on workshops, educational tracks for beginning and advanced baristas, owners, managers, and roasters. It’ll take place in Providence, R.I., October 12-14th, 2012.

Throughout the course of the weekend, some great lectures and classes will be given, including two from our own, Scott Guglielmino. These include:


The Year of an Espresso Machine

This class is built around an espresso machine. Over the course of a year most car owners spend hundreds of dollars maintaining their vehicle, while many cafes do nothing to maintain their main revenue source. This class will teach anyone how to perform the recommended, quarterly maintenance on a La Marzocco espresso machine.
Lead Instructor: Scott Guglilmino
Instructor: Jim Connolly, Tommy Gallagher


Gushing Over Water

Comprising over 98% of your coffee and a major cause of machine failure, understanding water is critical for anyone in the coffee industry. In this class you’ll lean the basics of H2O chemistry, how filtration operates, and common problems that arise from water related issues (and how to address them).
Instructor: Scott Guglielmino

For more information on MANE, and how to register, click here.