We’ve always been fans of the Swift grinder. When we designed the Swift Grinder some 15 years ago, our goal was to design a grinder that would prepare the same espresso again and again. Since we released the Vulcano Swift in the last year, we’ve been ecstatic about the pairing of the La Marzocco Swift espresso preparation system and Mazzer grinding technology. What makes this new grinder shine so much is how consistent the dose of the coffee really is.

To see just how much better this grinder performs, we put the three versions of the Vulcano side by side. We gave a barista 10 minutes to load as many portafilters as they could, checking each one for accuracy of dose. The barista did not actually make any coffee, but they did prepare each espresso as if they were creating coffee for customers.

Watch the video below to see just how well the Vulcano Swift handles compared to using a traditional doser, or an on-demand grinder.


What makes the Vulcano Swift work so well, are the mechanics used in its espresso preparation. You see, the dose of the Vulcano Swift is set by volume, and not by time. If you have ever had to grind a pound of coffee for a customer in a retail setting, it’s easy to see how grinding for French press (coarser) takes less time than grinding for espresso (finer). With on-demand espresso grinders, the same applies. So, when you change the grind setting from coarse to fine, but you grind for the same amount of time, the dose of coffee going into the portafilter is reduced. If the grind setting is moved from fine to coarse, the dose will increase.

When using the Vulcano Swift, a rotating impeller gently packs the coffee from the bottom of the basket to the top. As coffee fills the basket, the impeller spirals up. When the set volume of coffee has been reached in the basket, the impeller triggers a contact switch, stopping the grinding process. Though the grind mind change from coarse to fine, the volume within the basket remains the same, delivering a much more consistent dose.

The Vulcano Swift is now available to order. It is available to demo in our Seattle showroom.