After seven weeks of being closed, we are heating up the espresso machine and reopening the La Marzocco Cafe!

Beginning Tuesday, May 5 we will be open 10 AM – 4 PM daily for takeaway service.

In an effort to create an enjoyable coffee experience that is safe for both our guests and our team, we have implemented some new systems. Given the current circumstances, everyone’s wellbeing is our biggest priority. We’ve taken some cues from other industry leaders as well as innovated systems that will work within our own unique set-up.

For now, coffee service will be through a walk-up plexiglass “window” at our 1st Ave N entrance. Our team will be wearing masks, and we encourage guests to do so as well.

Six-foot markings along the sidewalk will ensure physical distancing when a line forms and guests will be asked to please wait at the menu stand until the person in front of them has completed their order.

Paper finger wraps (thank you, Wrecking Ball Coffee for the brilliant idea!) will be provided to complete transactions on our new two-way payment system and hand sanitizer will be readily available. We are not accepting cash at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

Behind the plexiglass, our team has enough space to be at least 6 feet apart from each other at all times. They will be keeping the entire area clean and sanitized.

Welcoming guests into the Gathering Space once again is our ultimate goal, but for now, we will be smiling under our masks as we continue to spread joy and delicious coffee to our community!


In an effort to support Seattle coffee, we have two local roasters featured on our menu: Dorothea Coffee and Fulcrum Coffee. All espresso drinks will be made with Dorothea’s Peru Ysara Tocto Chugden, a washed coffee with subtle complexity in the cup and dominant notes of cocoa. Our filter coffee will be Fulcrum’s Ethiopia Guracho, a coffee that is juicy and complex with notes of peach, mandarin orange, and lime.

Here is the menu we will begin serving with plans to expand our offerings in the near future.

We cannot wait to reopen and are so grateful for the continued support during these unprecedented times. We hope to see many familiar faces again beginning May 5!